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3 Home Decor Styles Popular Among Indians


May 12, 2023
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Indians have been upscaling their taste for home decor styles, and now there is an abundance of options out there for literally anyone to be confused. Well, ranging from contemporary to industrial and country-style home decor, the choices are limitless.

But, if you are planning on availing the best interior design for your new house, then you ought to pick the best among all.

Keeping that in mind, here are the three best home decor styles that are popular among Indian home buyers.

1. Contemporary

Contemporary-style houses are among the best Indian interior design ideas. It projects a neutral palette of light colours around the living room. And, the sofa, upholstery and carpet can just blend in with the aura of the walls, to add an aesthetic glam.

Such designs have specific contrasting elements around the house, which complement the entire decor. For instance, you can get a grey ambient colour as the base & neutral colour for the living room, while adding a touch of golden enhancements at the centre. You can decide on adding the golden highlight section as the partition for your living room, to the other half of that area.

Adding minimalistic chandelier lights in the living room, and the dining room, will do justice to the contemporary home decor styles you opt for. Extend the same ambience to the bedrooms, and add that play of warm lights, to get that soothing feel while you relax.

3. Scandinavian

The idea of a Scandinavian interior design includes the use of natural materials as a priority. Indians are now taking a leap towards bringing nature’s paradise to their household setup. Considering that, the materials used for the furniture, upholstery, wall & ceiling patterns and others include woods, cotton, leather, linen, etc.

Scandinavian is one of the best Indian interior design ideas because it focuses more on enhancing the material palette. Following that, the overall design is then complemented with a simple & minimalistic colour scheme, such as beige, grey or white.

All of the accents that you can expect in such a setup include light and gentle pastel shades. Design objects such as attractive lamps, well-crafted chairs and other decorative items would add an outstanding charm to the overall appeal.

4. Minimalistic

If you are among the individuals who want to infuse marvellous glam around their house, but without adding many materialistic elements, then this minimalist design is your thing. The idea behind minimalist home decor styles is to keep the space unfussy. The ambience should reflect muted hues, and the colours should be pretty uniform, including the furniture and associated accessories.

The only popping-out elements should be the cushions on the couch, the flowers in the pot over the side table, and the green plants placed right next to the windows. Rest everything can be in light contrast with the ambience that the walls and ceilings create.

People willing to go with the minimalist design can add a rustic finish to the walls, creating a warm appeal. When you compliment such a design with warm white illumination around the house, the appeal would multiply exponentially. The bedroom would follow the same aesthetics as that of the entire house, keeping the colours uniform, and adding minor colour pop-outs through basic accessories.


So, these are the three most trending Indian interior design ideas for you to consider, when you buy your new home. Your dream of living in your paradise can now come true, with these astounding designs.

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