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4 Desserts Options for Sweet-Tooth


Mar 21, 2022
4 Desserts Options for Sweet-Tooth


Where’s the lie?! We cannot live without desserts as they add such a delicate indulgence of mesmerizing ambience to our souls that no one can skip. Foodies can relate to the fact that meals are incomplete without a heart-warming and exotic dessert as it has this superpower to satisfy the hearts with the fascinating flavours and saccharide rush that it brings within. This world is filled with different destinations of desserts and every country has their speciality which foreigners love giving a shot to. Being surrounded by a bountiful range of options, we often get muddled between these choices and end up getting the one that we have already tasted before. There is nothing wrong with trying new and out of the box desserts so let’s dive into the most unusual and mouth-watering ones.

If you are always looking for impeccable options that gosmoothly with your preferences of dessert then this blog is what you need. We have assembled some of the creamiest and sweetened desserts for you that you will fall in love with:

1- Ice Cream Sandwich

You are familiar with sandwiches but what if I say that these are available with Ice Cream?! Yes, if you are looking for some gooey yet smooth sleek dessert then just hang in there and grab the out of the box Ice Cream Sandwiches. The soft biscuit layer with the tantalizing and creamy ice cream inside having such an exotic cold ambience is all that you need to make your soul happy. These ice cream sandwiches are available in plentiful flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and more. You can grab them with Ramadan Sale Abu Dhabi to enjoy this consecrated season even more.

2- Berries & Cream Dessert

Live in the berry luscious dreams and get your cravings satisfied with the most delicate dessert of all time known as Berries & Cream Dessert. Soft gooey sweet cream fused with freshly farmed berries is no doubt a perfect dessert for any sweet tooth out there. The sweetness is perfectly balanced in this dessert with a comforting flavour. This is a must-try dessert for anyone who wants a soothing and calming vibe.

3- Oreo Cheesecake

Oreos are the perfect ones for any dessert as their incomparable bold flavour can easily be blended. Oreo Cheesecakes are worth giving a shot having such delicate indulgence of flavours with gratifyingpockets of peace oozing out. Its tantalizing taste fused with Oreos, cream cheese, milk and more is no doubt a notable choice for any sweet tooth. You can also use the Ramadan Food Vouchers to get this dessert at the most discounted rates ever.


4- Cinnamon Rolls Pie

You have heard about Cinnamon Rolls right?! But Cinnamon Rolls Pie is a whole new dessert filled with a soft and dissolving texture that you would admire. The gooey cream exuding out with a tinkling cinnamon flavour and soft rolls is the perfect fusion for any dessert lover. You can easily get this cinnamon roll pie from any online food shop to fulfil your cravings.

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