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7 Best Ways To Ace Your Vocabulary Tests


Mar 6, 2021
Vocabulary Tests


Vocabulary tests can be hard to deal with especially when you get one every week which can be a pain in the head. And poor spelling training and learning strategies can easily affect your scoring in class. 

But what if I tell you that you can easily ace your spelling tests with just a few interesting and fun activities? 

Under this passage are listed 7 best ways you can use to ace in your English vocabulary test

  • Word hunt

It is an interesting way for spelling training. All you have to do is take any book or magazine and start searching your words in the context. Underline the word and note down the number of repetitions of the word in the context.

Write the word as many times as the repetition of the word. The searching of the word will provide deep concentration and attention towards the spelling and the rewriting will assure that the word stays in your memory for a longer time. In this way you will learn the spelling of the word in a short time span.

  • Vowel Investigator 

Another fun way to learn words is vowel investigator. The understanding of sounds of vowels in a word is the most necessary task to do because once you learn the phonetics of vowels in words you can easily spell the word either short or long and ace your spelling test.

In this activity all you have to do in this is to write your spelling words on a paper and instead of writing vowels put a blank in its place, and then fill the blanks by guessing the appropriate placement of the vowels through your understanding of phonetics and also your memory. 

  • Word puzzle

Who doesn’t like solving puzzles? It is everyone’s favorite free time activity to do especially for kids. It is not only fun but also a great workout for the brain. So why not use this fun game to learn spelling words for upcoming english vocabulary tests?

All you gotta do is note down your spelling words at one side of the paper and on the other side make a crossword p[uzzle out of your spelling words or you can ask any other adult in your house to do this puzzle making for you so that you actually put efforts in solving it. After the completion of the puzzle you will notice that you have almost learned all the spelling words while playing a game

  • Comic strip

Comics are everyone’s favorite either boys or girls. We all enjoy fiction stories and colorful characters of the comic. But have you ever thought of writing your own comic book?

If no then it is your chance to design your own comic strip using any story you like but the twist here is to write the dialogues using your spelling words. In this way you will learn and understand the proper usage of the spelling words.

  • Context clue

From the name you can easily get the idea that this activity is all about guessing the spelling words through context. Sounds interesting right? You will need the assistance of any of your friends or family members for this to write you a detailed sentence which provides the complete idea of the word. Use this trick for all of your spelling words. These sentences will work as a clue for you in guessing the word. 

  • Spell quiz

If you are one of those who prefer online learning over personal learning and find it more convenient and interesting to practice on the internet, spellquiz is just perfect for you . It is an online website where you can find a variety of tasks and activities regarding spelling learning, spelling bee, sight test and much more which will assist you with all of your English vocabulary test learning problems.

  • Write it right

Here you have to show your arm work because you will be writing each of your spelling words five times each in your best handwriting. The repetition will allow your memory to remember the word while you try to write it in the best possible way which will drive your focus towards the formation of each letter which also aid in remembering the spelling word. 

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