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8 Factors you should look at before Opening the current account


Dec 9, 2022
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Today, every small and large-scale business needs to open a current account to manage its business transactions. But many people and businesses only use savings accounts and do not know about the current account.

If you also fall in this category and want to open a current account, but do not have information on it, then this guide will tell you about the eight important factors to consider.

Here is a list of eight important factors you should consider before opening a digital account. 

  • Transaction fees

 A current account permits unlimited transactions in a day. But is it also true that banks charge some fees when the number of transactions is crossed by the preset limit? So, you must choose the bank online that charges the lees fees on your transactions made from your current account.

  • Minimum balance 

Most current accounts need account holders to manage their minimum balances. So, it is suggested to consider the minimum balance while opening the current account to maintain it easily.

  • Premium services

Some banks provide the services like cash deposit or cash pick up, access to credit cards, after-hours banking, demand orders, free pay orders, or digital payments. These services have come at some cost.

So, while opening your digital current account, you must consider whether the premium services are offered and, if offered, at which cost such services are offered.

  • Overdraft limit

Many banks provide overdraft limits and cash credit facilities to current account holders. With these facilities, most customers are convinced of credibility. So, in any case, if you face down in your business, then the OD facilities help to get rid of it.

It is suggested to choose the bank to open your current account that provides the best rates and best overdraft limit facilities.

 Core services 

Suppose you want to open your current account. In that case, you must ensure that the bank is reliable to offer the core services like mobile banking, internet banking, ERP services, IT services, cash management services, wire transfers, debit card access, etc.

  • Interest rate

No interest rates are indeed earned on the amount in your current account. Therefore, account holders need to transfer their funds to fixed deposits. So, while opening the current account, you must choose the bank that comes at the best rates and provides the facilities to park some extra funds in your current account.

  • Bank size

A bank with a large network is better positioned to provide services in various locations. They will also have a large network of ATMs that are useful for accessing cash whenever you need it.

So, while opening the current account, you must check the size of the bank and consider the services offered by them.

  • Digital services

The bank should also offer Current Account services online This will ensure that the account can be opened instantly and with minimal documentation. Additionally, the bank would be able to conduct all subsequent transactions comfortably without having to go to the branch.


Once you are prepared to open your current digital account, after considering all the above factors, ensure to fill out the online bank account application form and attach all the necessary documents.

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