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Best Season to Move


Jan 30, 2022
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At times, you may choose when you want to move, and other times, life will dictate the decision for you. For instance, if you want to move locally and want the location to be near your family members or office, you can choose the best time to relocate, depending on your kids’ school calendar or workload.

Both long-distance and local moves can be stressful. However, there are times of the week, month, or year, which are better to relocate to a new home.

Whether you are doing the move yourself or hiring movers, almost every rental truck agency and moving company has a lot of resources available and charges lower rates during these times.


This is one of the most popular seasons to relocate because the weather is predictable, and kids are between the school years.

The warm weather also makes it possible for you to meet your new neighbors and have a garage sale after settling into a new house.

But because many people relocate during this season, moving rates can be higher. This can make it difficult to schedule your moving date. Plus, the hot weather may leave you sweating after one trip.


You can beat the amazing weather during the November and September months in many parts of the world.

With the temperature cooling down, moving is a great experience during this season. This especially holds true compared to the humid and hot conditions of the summer months.

However, if you have school-age kids, you might find it difficult moving during this season. With the school year starting, moving your kids can be more difficult for the entire family, especially if your move involves changing schools.


The weather during this season is ideal. It is not brutally cold like winter and certainly not sweltering hot like summer months.

Plus, kids are still in school – meaning fewer people choose to move during this time. This also means you may get a good deal, including:

  • Move-in specials from an apartment community
  • Lower rates from moving companies

While this is the best time to move for people looking for great deals, families with kids find it hard to relocate. This can be a rough transition, especially when your kids will be enrolled in another school.


Moving in the winter months is considerably cheaper than relocating during the summer months. Many moving companies will not be busy, so you are more likely to meet all your scheduling requirements. Certainly, this flexibility allows you to relocate to your ideal schedule month.

But wintery and cold weather might make your moving day more difficult. Plus, holidays and school season might add unnecessary stress and even interfere with your moving schedules.

Key Factors to Determine the Best Time to Move

It doesn’t always pay to follow the pack when planning your move. Although late spring and summer are the peak seasons to relocate, this doesn’t mean it is the most convenient time to locate. You will also have to consider other factors, including:

  • The climate
  • Kids
  • Budget
  • Housing market

So, Is There the Best Time to Move?

Well, it all depends. Ultimately your decision narrows down to your preferences, needs, and budget. If you are want to save cash, consider early spring, winter, or later fall move. However, if you have school-age kids, opt for a summertime move.

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