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Building Features to Look for in Water front Homes


Jan 7, 2021
Building Features to Look for in Water front Homes


Many people dream of living by the water. When shopping for a waterfront home, most people look for huge windows and lots of entertainment space. However, homes built by the water face a lot of challenges that should be considered whether you are building a home or looking to buy one.

Pier and Beam Foundation

A home built on a pier foundation is elevated to protect it from flooding. This is the main reason waterfront homes are built with this foundation, but there are other advantages. House piers Tulsa Ok have a built-in crawl space that allows you to easily access plumbing, electrical and ductwork. This is handy if you have an unexpected issue or if you plan to do renovations. Homes built with a pier and beam foundation also have better air circulation because moisture can not get trapped under the house. With air circulating under the home, mold and rot are much less likely.

Porches and Decking

If you have a home on the water, then it is safe to say you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. These outdoor areas are a big selling point of a waterfront house, so you want to make sure they are built to withstand the salt air. Any building material exposed to air should be corrosion resistant. Galvanized nails, stainless steel strapping and composite wood will hold up to harsh elements and not rot over time. Metal roofing over porches and other outdoor areas lasts longer than asphalt shingles and is resistant to mildew and termites.

Hurricane Shutters

Being near the water means you will be dealing with strong winds. You may even have to protect your home against a hurricane. Hurricane shutters are an easy solution and are less expensive than special impact windows. Remember, if a window breaks during a storm, the window isn’t the only damage you will have. Water and debris will blow into your home causing damage to floors, walls and any belongings near the broken window. Hurricane shutters are the most popular material used to limit damage from severe weather.

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