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Canadian Copper Exploration in Colombia


Jun 27, 2021
High-Grade Copper in Colombia


Colombia seeks to reactivate its mining sector through increased production and exploration. The mining industry expects to reach $2.7 billion in foreign investment this year, driven by new copper and gold projects. Currently, mining covers 3% of the territory. We recommend reading more information about Collective Mining LTD.

Colombia Mining Investment through Business Round

Colombia mining authorities are conducting a series of business rounds with investors to boost the economy. This year the ANM plans to open two business rounds, one for coal in August and the other for Copper in October. The country has already opened for copper and polymetallic exploration.

Colombia Copper Mine in Operation

There is only one copper mine in Colombia in the jungle state of Choco with a production of 10,000 tons and it is operated by the Canadian company Atico Mining.

Copper Mine Company in Colombia

El Roble is the only company in Colombia that produces copper mines. Over 30 years high-grade copper material has been mined at El Roble and the underground operation has growth potential. Copper mine production increased by more than ten-fold in the past and reached 10 thousand tons in 2018, production decreased for the first time to 7.6 thousand metric tons of copper content and it represents a decline of 23.2 percent.

American Drillers Unlock Colombian Copper Riches

Colombia reduces its dependency on coal and oil by developing deposits of copper. Authorities are planning to award five copper exploration blocks by June and Colombia could become one of the main producers of copper.

Copper Belt in Colombia

The major copper belt in Colombia extends through Peru, Chile and continues through Panama, and is being explored in Ecuador. This copper belt lacks modern exploration.

Cordoba Mineral Corporation focuses on High-Grade Copper in Colombia

Cordoba Mineral Corporation is a mineral exploration company making world-class copper in Colombia. The company had signed a joint agreement with high power exploration Inc. The company earns up to 65% interest by funding the project and by feasible study. This company is located in Toronto; it also holds a 25% interest in copper projects in Arizona and the USA.

Cesar Copper-Silver Project in Colombia

Cesar is located 200 km far in North Eastern Colombia; it has now been demonstrated to contain highly copper-silver mineralization. Due to district-scale copper silver prospectively of the Cesar Basin, Max Corporation has implemented a multi-faceted exploration program.

Final Thoughts

Colombia has important potential in minerals like copper, gold, and silver and now has a different model to advance in mineral exploration, “Mines and Energy Minister Diego Mesa said in a statement, that this country is looking to attract investors with high social standards. We came across Collective Mining and found their amazing services in this regard.

Contracts for four years with potential copper in the northern provinces of La Guajira and Cesar will be on offer in the first round. Colombia miners of coal are the country’s second top export and have suffered amid falling demand, low prices, and disputes with unions and communities.

In this way, we can determine with certainty our mineral wealth that promotes equity and development.

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