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Factors To Consider When Buying A Horse Blanket


Apr 21, 2023
Horse Blanket


Many Americans ride horses each year. It’s crucial to ensure that these animals are cared for properly, regardless of whether you believe yourself to be an accomplished equestrian or are just beginning to learn more about horseback riding. That includes utilizing the best waterproof horse sheets in colder climates to ensure warmth and safety. But how can you choose the ideal blanket for your horse’s requirements?

While there are several things you might want to consider when comparing the blankets and wraps for horses that are currently on the market, we’ll focus on three of the more significant ones in this post.

1. Material

You can pick from a variety of materials when selecting a horse blanket just like for horse pads. For instance, there are blankets made of polyester (which is more economical but doesn’t give the strength of nylon) or ones made of nylon (which costs more but is incredibly durable). Additionally, you have a choice of lining, which can be made of fleece, nylon, or a poly-cotton blend. The most well-liked horse fleece blankets are ones that can wick away moisture since they are better for the horse. New horse blankets will typically be waterproof, but you should check to make sure your best pick is. Many colors are available for horse blankets, but the color won’t matter as much as the fabric’s quality.

2. Size

You won’t be able to use any horse sheets you buy if you don’t take accurate measurements, regardless of whether you select a horse fleece blanket or a lighter material. A too-tiny blanket won’t give your horse the required protection, while a too-large one may lead to other issues (such as safety dangers or blanket rubs). Before buying the best blanket for horses you can locate, take the time to measure your horse. The typical horse blanket size will lie between 74 and 78 inches. However, if your horse’s measurements fall within those ranges, you may need to round up to the next size. Since most businesses offer alternatives between 65 and 90 inches, you must take precise measurements of your horse and choose a blanket that will fit him precisely.

3. Type

It’s time to concentrate on your horse fleece blanket’s weight and overall design now that you know the optimum size and materials to use. Remember that the weight and design of the blanket you select will depend on the weather where you live and your horse’s needs. For instance, if you live in a warmer climate and require more lightweight coverage, you might only need a horse sheet. A turnout blanket, however, would be a better choice if you live in a region that frequently experiences chilly weather. There are often options for medium, heavy, and extra-heavy blanket fill (or weight); you might need a few options to ensure your horse will be comfortable all year. There are blankets with closed fronts and others with open fronts as well.

Depending on the design, a fleece horse blanket may stop before the tail or cover it. Your choices in this situation will mostly depend on your preferences and whether you want your horse more freedom of movement. It’s not always simple to pick the best kind of horse blanket, especially since not every owner faces the same difficulties and not every horse has the same requirements. We can help you further if you need help choosing a horse blanket. Get in touch with us right now for further details.

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