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Hangover? How to Deal with It?


Mar 27, 2023
How to Deal with It


A fun night at a friend’s often ends up giving us a bit of a tough time the next morning. But it is not the night, it is the things that we drank. Alcohol is the one that causes the confused feeling in people. It is often seen in a fun light until things turn sour. Hangovers are not that uncommon, and people usually have a few ideas about how to deal with it. They slowly figure out how not to budge to it as they continue to drink. When you are waking up with this feeling quite often and still can’t stop yourself from drinking, you should better check yourself before you become and addict and get to face withdrawal symptoms.

It will happen after a certain amount of alcohol

If you continue to drink even after you have already had enough, hangover is the least to be expected. The thing that happens with human body is completely scientific. There are quite a few reasons that leads to a hangover. You can have a hangover if your blood sugar levels decrease due to drinking. Excessive urination would lead to dehydration, hence, hangover. Alcohol can irritate your stomach lining and the blood vessels can cause headache as they expand. They also feel very tired and get affected by muscle pain. Increased heart rate and trembling hands are also signs of hangover. People usually get bothered by loud noises and bright lights during hangover. Eating greasy food during hangover is one of the most wrong decisions. The uneasy feeling subsides in a day or more.

Deal with it

The best way to deal with a hangover is by hydrating the body. Make sure not to drink too much sugary drinks as it can alter body sugar levels. Water is your best alternative. You would need large amounts of it as it would get quickly absorbed by your dehydrated body.

Sleep will help

Feeling tired is very normal and only sleep can aid it. Getting proper sleep would give your body time to recover. But first you would need plenty of water and healthy food to soothe your stomach with.

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