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Improving Your Shooting Speed with Shooting Trainer Basketball


Dec 1, 2023
Shooting Trainer Basketball


Time and tide waits for none, especially during a heated live match. Be it any sport, timing proves to be one of the most crucial things. The clock of a basketball match does not stop for anyone and lets them aim and shoot in peace, which is why practicing shooting speed is of utmost importance for any player.

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned player, improving your shooting speed can make you a valuable addition to the team. Maintaining form and accuracy with heightened speed is not easy, but this article will guide you on how to achieve that with a basketball shot trainer in the privacy of your backyard or in the gym.

Read on to find out how a basketball return system can help you improve your shooting speed.

1) Repetitions

Repetitions are key to increasing the speed of your shots. There is literally no shortcut to attaining this skill except practicing hundreds of drills with a shooting trainer basketball to develop muscle memory. When your form, balance, and release come naturally to you – something you can do with your eyes closed even – slowly reduce the time gap between each throw. You can adjust the settings for the rebound on the shot returner to increase the speed of your reps. Then, gradually increase the force of each throw to get the ball to the net quicker. Keep repeating this process till you reach the speed you desire.

2) Instant Feedback

Modern-day shot trainer basketball has instant feedback features that provide you with information about the speed and accuracy of your shots. Take advantage of such mechanisms to make necessary adjustments to your shooting in real-time. You should be able to readily access and even download the data on your phone and other devices.

3) Targeted Drills

Most basketball hoop returners come with adjustable settings, which allow you to focus on different elements of your game. You can set the rebound to any particular type of shooting drill you want and practice multiple reps to increase your speed for that particular throw. This feature is helpful in improving accuracy or refining follow-through as well.

4) Time Efficiency

Basketball shot trainers are primarily used for two reasons – time-saving and technical accuracy. Practicing shooting drills on these machines takes less than half the time it would to train manually. You wouldn’t need to constantly retrieve the balls, therefore spending the time on shooting more throws into the net. You will also be able to practice specialized drills to increase speed all by yourself even if a coach or teammate is not present.

Drills to Improve Shooting Speed with a Shot Returner

1) Moving Target Drill

Learn to adjust your shooting speed based on the ball’s location with this drill. Set the shooter to throw balls to different spots on the court and practice quick lateral movements to get to the ball and shoot. Simulating a real-game situation, moving target drill prepares you better for a real match.

2) Rapid Release Drill

This drill focuses entirely on speed. Set the shot returner to time each successful throw and concentrate on releasing the ball as quickly as possible after catching it. Rapid release drill also enhances your in-game decision-making skills.

3) Reaction Time Drill

You will need the help of a teammate or coach to practice this drill. Have them control the shooting trainer at will and change the settings for each shot at random. You will not know where the next ball will land, but you will need to react to the throw once released from the machine. The unpredictable factor of the drill will teach you to adapt your shooting speed on the fly.

4) Shot Clock Challenge

Set a timer for each shot you attempt and challenge yourself to release and net the ball before the time runs out. It helps increase your speed and also to learn how to keep your nerves calm in a high-stakes situation.

To Sum Up

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your skills peak in that time frame. Patience and consistency are the secrets behind the success of all top basketball players, be it Michael Jordan or Steph Curry. Be focused, practice drills with the basketball shot trainer daily, and you will surely see improvement in your shooting speed in no time.

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