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List of 5 Flying Pilot Training Colleges India:Check Fee &Admission Process


May 19, 2021
Pilot Training Colleges India


Over time, a lot of fancy and new courses have come up in the education world. The best part is, with good colleges, students have started opting for these courses. One such course that makes you different from the crowd is becoming a commercial pilot. If you are planning on becoming a pilot, these are the top 5 aviation colleges in India.

1. Adventure Flight Education Private Limited, Ghaziabad

One of the finest aviation colleges in the country for many years is the Adventure Flight Education Private Limited located in Ghaziabad. In the past 11 years, this university has shaped several pilot aspirants’ future and now provide several types of pilot training to students. There are 5 different courses in the aviation field that help students become professionals.

Admission Process

To apply for a course at this college you need to fill an online application. There is only an online mode available. All the training programs are based on a merit basis and the college follows the first come first serve rule. All you need to do is apply online and submit the documents. Once all the reviewing is done, you will get a confirmation mail and submit the fee.

Fee Structure

The fee depends on the number of hours you choose to train yourself for. There are two options available at the college. One being 90 hours and the other one is 350 hours. Based on this, the fee ranges from 25 to 32 Lacs.

2. Adventure Flight Education Private Limited, Bangalore

Adventure Flight Education Private Limited has various branches across India, and another fine college is their Bangalore branch. 6 full-time courses are offered here. Their specialty is commercial pilot training. They follow the Federal Aviation Administration course and have several instructors who already have thousands of hours of experience in this field.

Admission Process

All the students who wish to apply for a seat in any course at this college should have cleared the eligibility criteria before filling the form of TCFT. There are offline and online, both modes available at the college.

Fee Structure

Depending on the course a student opts for, the fee ranges from 20 to 33.4 lacs.

3. ACAA – Air Carnival Aviation Academy

Air Carnival Aviation Academy is another good institute situated in Coimbatore. It was established in 2008 and is a semi-government college. It offers 4 different courses across 3 streams. Apart from a great infrastructure, ACAA has some of the best trainers who have a good experience.

Admission Process

This institute offers online and offline applications for those students who are eligible according to their cutoff criteria. They also work on a first come, first basis, so the applications that reach the office first get the seat. Their 3-year course is one of the most opted courses compared to other colleges in India.

Fee Structure

Similar to any other aviation college, it depends on the number of hour’s training you take. The base fee of the college is 20 lacs.

4. PTC Aviation Academy, Bangalore

Established in 2006, PTC is a very decorated and preferred college for aviation studies. The placement of this college is 100% in the field of airline security, travel and tourism and many more.

Admission Process

The college takes online applications from students and analyses them according to their cutoff. The best students amongst them get the seat. A confirmation mail is sent by the college that confirms your registration. Students then can submit their fees.

Fee Structure

The fee for the aviation course here is 32 lacs.

5. PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai

Established in 2006, one of the best aviation colleges in India is the PTC aviation academy. It is located in Chennai. Apart from 100% placement, the college has a good reputation amongst students for a lot of reasons.

Admission Process

They have an online and offline admission process. Students can apply and directly submit the fee and get admission to the college.

Fee Structure

The full-time course costs around 20L in this college.


These are 5 best aviation colleges in India. We wish you all the best for an amazing flight to a successful career. Please visit: https://www.shiksha.com/aviation/colleges/colleges-india

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