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Mera wealth plan: Plan coverage along with the Meaning and benefits


Jul 15, 2022
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Do you want to know about the wealth plan? Do you want to know about the benefits made by the wealth plan? If yes, then take a close look at this post. We guarantee you that you will get the relevant details related to the Mera wealth plan in this article. If you once invest in wealth plan insurance, then you automatically get access to many benefits.

You easily turn your hard-earning savings into a good return on investment only with the help of the wealth plan. You have the chance to select the self-managed investment to opt for the systematic transfer option. It provides flexible premium payment options. Moreover, you get various tax benefits under the income tax act.

Further, we will briefly tell you about the benefits of the wealth plan. So let’s move toward the benefits.

Top benefits of the mera wealth plans

AS the wealth insurance plan offers you reliable coverage under the following aspects.

Death benefits

In the case when some unfortunate arise during the policy terms and before the maturity benefits date, the nominee person will be eligible to take the benefits. Upon the time of the death of the period of the discontinued policy, the benefit that is paid is equal to the fund value of the discontinued policy.

Maturity benefits

From the time of the survival till the end of the policy, you will come under the eligibility criteria to take the maturity benefit under the all-paid premiums in the force policy. The payable benefits will be equal to the total fund value at the time of the maturity date.

Loyalty additions

The 6year of wealth policy, provides the up-to-date premiums, along with the loyalty additions under the policy. Loyalty addition resembles the average percentage for daily fund values. Therefore, if you choose multiple funds, then you can easily determine the loyalty addition that is based on the funds.

Two investment strategies options

Invest your premium in the ulip insurance in the funds as per your choice in the minimum proportions of your funds. You can easily switch between the future premium and funds as it depends on the market conditions and changed risk appetite.

If you have selected the annual premium payment mode, you can select the systematic transfers at the inception time or at the period of the policy anniversary.


In this article, we tell you about the benefits of wealth insurance plans. There are many wealth plans of insurance that are offered by the banks from where the people buy this insurance policy and access the above benefits. Also, as a potential or new customer, you easily access the emergency assistants, discounts, and financial advisors of qualified doctors or health packages.

If you want to build your corpus and achieve your life goals, then it is suggested you buy the wealth plan.

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