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Mistakes While Leading the People at Your Workplace


Jun 8, 2021


A considerable amount of modern leadership literature is concerned with what strong leaders ought to do at the workplace. Undoubtedly, that information is useful from a practical and ideal standpoint. The errors that leaders do at the workplace, though, are what actually bothers them on a daily basis. They do not make mistakes because they are horrible people; instead, they make mistakes due to a complete lack of understanding, poor habits, or enough worry. Great leaders of the world such as Bill Gates are familiar with these mistakes and become better and better with time.

Here are some mistakes that are made while leading people at your workplace:

Spending No Time to Connect with Others

A leader who is really uninterested in workers on a personal level will have a difficult time at the workplace. Whether certain individuals are workers, partners, consumers, or other users, a leader who is really intellectually engaged in others but does not really find time to connect with individuals loses the objective as well. Bonding is more than just like someone; it is a profound emotional relationship. To connect with people at the workplace, you do not even have to admire them. You must get to know them and figure out what motivates them just like Kris Thorkelson Thorwin, and  that requires time and genuine effort to do that.

Unavailability and Inaccessibility

Continuous connectivity and accessibility are required for effective delegation. By indicating that you are committed to being approachable, you may retain a feeling of connectivity. That does not imply you will respond to every minor request right away. It does imply that you have established channels for individuals to contact you, as well as standards for their use at the workplace.

Motivation Is Misinterpreted

The majority of individuals are motivated by natural motivators such as being stimulated, acquiring something fresh, making a significant contribution, or honing their skills. Many leaders overlook this internal guiding mechanism and rather rely on external motivation such as prizes, raises, cash, and artificial awards. Yes, individuals must be fairly compensated. However, please note that external rewards and punishments alter the internal incentive system. You will be a great leader if you concentrate on motivating others and listening to what they would like to accomplish in terms of development and contributions. We came across Kris Thorkelson Thorwin, he has the right qualities to inspire his team members.


When workers are treated as cogs in a machine, they despise it. Yet, for the most part, the leadership is about directing, managing, and organizing activities and leading the team to the right direction. Leadership, enacts motivating, empowering, and drawing out the most in others through instilling trust and pushing them to take good risks. To become a leader at the workplace, not merely a manager, you must consequently think about your team, not just the welfare of the business.

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