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Simple Hacks to Renew Homes This Summer


May 18, 2021


Window and door curtains are more like accessories that are used for giving a finishing touch to an almost ready space. These curtains are much more than longer pieces of cloth hanging around doors and windows. They serve purposes like light protection, instilling privacy, fighting dust and germs, and much more beyond these. While picking up curtains; elements in the room like wall color, wall décor, and any showpiece and décor items around must be considered.  Here are various types of window and door coverings that can be adopted and why –

Sheer Curtains – With summer hovering and temperature rising every day, it would be a wise choice to let in some apt amount of bright light, morning breeze, and open view of the surroundings. And this can be achieved using sheer curtains, that are lightweight and slightly transparent fabric coverings. However, only putting sheers in places like bedrooms and other private spaces might seem a little inconvenient and would require certain more layers to ensure needed privacy.

Black Out Curtains – For all those who love their slumber and wish undeterred hours of sweet sleep, black-out curtains are nothing short of a blessing in disguise. Not only do these curtains absorb and stop reflecting all the outside light, but also work towards noise cancellation. The fabric that blackout curtains is made of are thick in texture and usually present in darker tones to suppress the light around. However, nowadays cooler colors like whites and beige are also being made available both online and offline.

Thermal Curtains – For those people who stay in colder places and believe they have no new trends to adopt, here is a great new addition to the list. The Thermal Curtains, made of double or triple layers of thick fabrics, are designed aptly for combating harsh cold environments. These curtains have polyester or another insulating material in between the layers that absorb and trap the heat easily, helping in turn to regulate room temperature. Having multiple layers of fabric, these curtains also reduce sound and work towards reducing brightness in the room.

Solid Colored Curtains – Another trend that is being loved far and wide is the use of solid curtains. Typically identified as a single piece- single color cotton or velvet fabric curtain, these work wonderfully in spaces that have numerous pieces of décor already. Bringing out a neutral base, they enhance the beauty and elegance of other artifacts. To spruce up their look, some variations in the form of patterned patches, printed patches, or translucent strips either on the bottom or the top are being offered in this range.

Printed or Textured Curtains – This range is in stark contrast with the previous category of Solid Curtains. They come in a variety of quirky, elegant, and refreshing prints and patterns that bring about a new element and character in the space. These could either have strips, checks, jacquard images, floral prints, geometrical shapes, and others.

Valance Curtains – This term might sound new to many. Well, Valence refers to a smaller set of curtains that are put over and above regular curtains to enhance the overall look of a window. It is more like an adorning prop, that eye-catchy accessory, and can be used stand-alone too without the whole curtain set to ornate simpler and small windows around the space.

Curtain shopping is no more restricted to only finding a piece of fabric to cover doors and windows. It is about both style and utility. Over the last couple of years, curtains have emerged as one of the trendiest, affordable, and easiest ways to transform spaces.

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