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Telecom Trends Hospitality Industry Should Watch Out


Mar 17, 2021
Telecom Trends


Man has always been a wanderer. He explored the deserts, islands, sea, mountains, and developed, underdeveloped and developing areas and did not get tired of roaming. However, that mode of wandering was applicable to the people who cannot sit in one place. The world has become quite modern, and to help everyone in traveling out of town with ease, the hospitality industry came into being.

In this modern era, when international tourism is on the rise, the hospitality industry highlights the growth and development of the region. In countries like the United Arab Emirates, which are the most favorite among the local and international tourists, the telecom industry is helping the innovation. The Telecom sector has also been on the rise since the advent of the twenty-first century, and it is high time for other industries like hospitality to embrace telecom to enjoy more progress.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore the telecom trends the hospitality industry should watch out and embrace to provide quality service to the visitors.

Top 7 Telecom Trends Your Hospitality Business Should Embrace

The businesses linked with the hospitality industry play an important role in highlighting the progress of any country. The western world has introduced telecom technologies in each sector of life. It is important for the Middle Eastern countries to utilize it and play their role in promoting their country.

Here are the top telecom trends your hospitality business should embrace.

1. Cloud Migration

The very first telecom trend that your hospitality business needs to embrace now is cloud migration. The hospitality industry focuses on providing quality and hassle-free service to visitors. During the current pandemic stricken era, limiting the staff while offering most of the services through the cloud is the best option. A lot of hotels are acquiring service of telecom subcontractors companies in the UAE and ensuring proper arrangement for cloud migration.

2. Service Automation through AI

One of the most important telecom trends the hospitality industry needs to follow is service automation through the use of artificial intelligence. International tourists from across the globe create a language barrier which can also affect the quality of service. On the other hand, service automation through AI can limit this gap and ensure the quality experience of visitors.

3. Going Touch Less

Going touch less has become the new yet essential norm in this era. It is specifically applicable to the hospitality industry because a lot of visitors use the same room at different timing throughout a single week. Using motion sensors or voice-activated appliances can significantly limit the touch. It will boost the ease of visitors as well as control the spread of germs, so going touch less is another telecom trend the hospitality industry needs to follow.

4. Wireless Mobile Devices for Staff

Another important telecom trend that the businesses in thetelecom industry need to follow is the use of wireless mobile devices for the staff. It is often seen that the staff of such facilities is always on the go. Still, they cannot miss out on communication. Using wired phones can become quite difficult. So, the hotels can get wireless mobile devices and ensure their proper setting to encourage smooth communication among the staff members within the vicinity.

5. DECT Handsets

Another better communication option for the staff working in the hospitality industry is the DECT handsets. These handsets are not only wireless but are also integrated with the internet. The staff can easily carry and use these to maintain their communication and provide quality service to the visitors on the go.

6. Call Accounting

The hospitality industry does not only offer overnight stays to the guests. These facilities are also used for meetings, events, and conferences. Call accounting is a critical telecom trend that comes into use in these scenarios. It helps the authorities provide telecommunication service to the guests and bill them according to their usage.

7. Compatibility

Checking and maintaining proper compatibility is the real challenge in telecommunication. The hotels and other setups associated with the hospitality industry need to take special care of it. You can hire the service of telecom subcontractor companies in the UAE and ensure that everything is in place to provide quality service to the guests.

Embrace telecom trends to make the most of technology!

Technological advancement supports the growth and development of human societies. The telecom trends are also contributing to maximizing the ease and comfort of human beings. So, you should not ignore the trends and advancements. Get in touch with the experts and ensure the proper setup and installation of telecommunication services in your facility. It will surely boost the interest and reviews of the guests using your facility. Embrace the technology and innovation now to boost your popularity in the industry. More info to visit: https://timelifelinenews.com/

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