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The Beauty of Cursive Writing


Oct 26, 2022
Cursive Writing


Have you ever wondered why children are provided with multiple cursive writing exercises from a young age itself? Having the ability to write beautiful wording is indeed a great skill. With the potential to exhibit your creative wordings in attractive cursive handwriting, one can experience multiple physical, mental, and social benefits.

People might think that cursive writing is all about improving the beauty of handwriting. But that is not the case. Apart from that, there are numerous benefits offered by writing in cursive, and some of the major benefits that children enjoy by  practising  cursive writing are listed below.

  • Practising cursive writing from a young age will help children to master the spellings of certain words easily. As they write in cursive, they will easily grasp the idea of how certain letters fit together to form meaningful words. And the fast recognition of the letters will help them to process the word, its meaning, and usage easily.
  • Writing in cursive will help children to develop their skills related to syntax. As a result, it will favour them to craft fine-quality sentences.
  • Writing in cursive is the best way to improve kids’ writing speed. It helps them to maintain continuity and encourages them to keep the flow of words.
  • Cursive writing will improve motor skills. It naturally strengthens our hand muscles and strengthens our hand-eye coordination as well.
  • Cursive writing will help children develop a unique signature handwriting skill of their own. It improves the beauty of the writing and makes it easy for others to read the writing. And thus, it will eventually improve their self-confidence as well.

How to Improve Hand writing Skills?

As we all know, handwriting plays a significant part in kids’ education. Parents and teachers worldwide are looking for the finest worksheets and exercises to make their children improve their handwriting skills. Improving their handwriting skills will help them to improve their confidence to express themselves through wonderful wording. Even though the contemporary mode of education has been indulged with numerous new methods to improve their handwriting, it will be easy for the children if they receive a push from their parents too. Some of the easiest assistance that parents can offer to improve the handwriting skills of their children are given below.

  • Try to assist them in their writing exercises. It will be hard for kids to grasp the technique of handwriting easily. So, it is better to share more hours with them to improve their skills. Along with that, it will pave the way for fostering a wonderful relationship between parents and children.
  • If needed, try to offer them handwriting tools like pencil grips. The ability of children to write varies from one to another, and not everyone can follow the same pattern of writing. Try to analyse your child’s potential and offer the necessary assistance for their betterment. Using such tools will ease their writing process without making their muscles get tired easily.
  • Parents can ask them to write English essays on different topics on a daily basis. Along with improving their handwriting, it will help to strengthen their vocabulary as well.

If your children are showing a deep interest in handwriting exercises, there are numerous materials available on the internet to refer to. Parents and teachers can offer these resources to their little ones to assist them in improving their visual quality and confidence in writing in the English language. Parents can also ask them to be a part of various English essay writing competitions to improve their writing skills. Practising various handwriting exercises on a regular basis will help them master the art of writing very easily. For more kids-friendly learning resources, visit BYJU’S website.

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