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The Differences Between Paddle and Ribbon Mixers That You Should Know About


Dec 15, 2021
Ribbon blenders


As a consumer, you should know the difference between Paddle mixers and Ribbon Mixers,Mixing is an essential part of many industrial and manufacturing businesses in the world today. Most consumers don’t think about it, but a lot of blending goes into the products that they use every day. For example, the foods they eat have first been mixed in a factory somewhere. This also goes for chemicals used in a variety of places, and even the colors added to all kinds of items are first blended by adding pigments. In the industrial world, there are two main kinds of mixers, which are the paddle and ribbon mixers. Here are the main differences between these two kinds of machines.


As it turns out, paddle blenders are exactly what they sound like. The mixers in these machines resemble paddles that turn to blend products together in an efficient way. Paddle mixers are great for using when wanting to lightly mix items or create slurries. Paddle mixers are also believed to be easier to maintain and clean by most manufacturers. It is extremely easy to adjust and move the paddles around, making the production time great for these mixers. People enjoy the mixers because of their cost-efficiency.Or Paddles are used in laminar, transitional or turbulent fluid flows without baffles. When used at high speeds, there will only be eddies without agitation. Various types of paddle stirrer are usually used at low speeds ranging from 20 to 200 rpm. Two or four-leaf flat paddles are commonly used in a kneading process.

An anchor paddle or fence, shown in Figure 6 is commonly used in stirring. This type is used in viscous liquids where deposits on the walls can form and is also used to enhance heat transfer to and from the tank walls. The paddle stirrer is often used for the manufacture of starch pastes, paints, adhesives and cosmetics.


Ribbon blenders do not have the paddle look at all but resemble long strips of ribbons. These are designed to be twisted metal ribbons, great for eliminating lumps in batches. Some ribbon mixers use shearing movements which make it easier to add liquid. Now, ribbon mixers can take a little longer to clean and maintain, because most ribbon mixers have blades that go completely down the length of the machine.

These are the main differences between the two kinds of mixers. It would be a wise decision to carefully consider the characteristics of each kind of blender and see which would be right for your purposes. Truly, they both have advantages that would work for different kinds of purposes.

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