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Variety Of Gold Pendants & Earring Found In India


Jun 16, 2021
gold hoop earrings


In early times, kings and queens used to decorate themselves with gold jewelry such as gold necklaces, gold rings, gold Pendant, and ethnic gold embedded attires. Gold was used only by the rich people in ancient India, but it’s a different story now. Gold has now acquired an image of required elements during weddings, anniversaries, family customs, etc. For women, the purchase of gold is not just subjected to weddings and family functions but they are fond of keeping them when their pocket allows.

Gold jewelry represents the social status of a person and is a symbol of femininity for women. Moreover, gold is believed to be a symbol of goddess Laxmi, and the people of India worship gold on several occasions. There is a wide range of gold designs available in the market with different variety of designs and quality. People buy gold for two purposes, the first is stores of value and the other is for wearing purposes.

There are a variety of latest designs available like, gold hoop earrings that are circular or semi-circular in design with the form of a hoop of metal. Various gold dealers launch their own designs and accessories, which allows them to increase their market. But, for attracting customers, quality and reliability are the most required factors and without them, no business in the world can survive.

Importance of designs and varieties in Jewelry

We all get bored with the continuous repetition of the same jewelry, food, clothes, etc. Creativity and the latest stuff are appreciated by all of us. We can find different varieties of design of jewelry in the market, with different prices and quality differs. These multiple designs have provided people with the opportunity to select according to their interests. Nowadays, people check for several platforms before finalizing the purchase, and this has given them a huge advantage.

When there’ll be wide choices available in the market for a particular product, then due to the competition in the market, dealers will provide several sales offers to increase their market captivity. Similarly, due to the vast existence of gold dealers and jewelers in the market, people have choices available with them. This has created a huge level of competition for gold dealers and has made quality deliverance a required element for marketing the jewelers.

Gold Pendants

They are quality gold accessories that can be worn with any outfit. They provide a classic look and are not subject to any particular dressing outfit. These are the regular neck companion of the women who find it likable for wearing. Different simple and highly creative designs are available for gold Pendant in the market.

Types of gold pendants:

1.) Antique Gold pendants

These gold pendants can be worn with traditional sarees, fusion wear, lehengas, etc. They are made using an oxidation process with provides them with a shiny look.

2.) Temple Gold Pendants

You’ll find the motifs of ancient temple sculptures in the Temple pendants. They are available in fine quality and in several different designs. Some of the temple pendants are handcrafted by very skilled laborers.

3.) Gold Chain Pendants

These are favorites among women, because of their charming quality and affectionate shine. For gifting purposes, Gold Chain Pendants are stated as the most right fit.

4.) Newafe Gold Pendants

With time, new and latest designs have been introduced in the market. We can see a quality transformation in the quality and designs of gold pendants. Now, they come with pendant sets that include either a pair of earrings or a finger-ring.

Nowadays, women are conscious about their style and consider new latest designs for increasing their choices while getting ready for any occasion. They buy different gold accessories likegold hoop earrings, gold chains, gold bangles, etc, for beautifying their look.

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