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What are the Benefits of Press Release Distribution Services, Including Free PR?


Sep 26, 2023


Press releases have been an important part of organizational communication for quite a long that help companies popularize themselves. It is always a great idea for organizations or individuals to hire a strong distribution network because the success of a press release depends equally on its distribution as it does on its writing.

There are several known benefits of press release (PR) distribution that include everything, from free PR for first-time users to multimedia attachments. Let’s look at the benefits and create a plan to make your next PR launch successful.

What are Press Releases?

Before moving forward with the benefits of PR distribution, it is important to completely understand the concept of a press release. PRs are official organizational statements that are launched with the primary motive of quickly publicizing information that may create an impact on a large group of people or be a particular matter of interest for them. This large group of people can be company shareholders and stakeholders to the general public or specified target audience.

Who are PRs Sent to?

Press releases are a communication channel between the media and the organization. Media channels have the power to influence the general public and at the same time can take the information to them on behalf of the company. Press releases work best when there is information worth sharing. Now with the technological advancements, the era of the print media is almost gone. None reads the paper anymore but that does not mean the consumption of the media has declined, but it has just shifted online. Similarly, press releases are also published online, on different media and news outlets to get the message across.

What are the Advantages of PR Distribution?

As mentioned above, press releases can only be beneficial when its launch is successful and one of the primary ways of securing that is by working with an established distribution network. Here are the advantages –

Increased Visibility:

One of the primary reasons why every company should give the same importance to PR distribution as they give to other marketing campaigns is that distributing the content correctly can significantly bring them more visibility. Distributing through a strong network means there will be guaranteed placements in top-rated media channels and outlets that already have an established audience and readers. This will improve the company’s reach and bring in more visibility.

Free Distribution for First-timers:

Most of the time the online press release distribution services offer their first PR free for the new clients. Opting for this option would be advantageous for companies who will get to see the performance of their PR content and impact first, even before paying a single thing.


Another advantage of using a professional distribution network is that there is a guarantee of the PR’s publication, a general improvement of the company’s reputation, and a stronger media connection. Usually, the cost of the PR distribution is much less than any other marketing or promotional channels which makes it an extremely cost-effective choice for companies.

Multimedia Attachments:

Good distribution services offer multimedia attachments with their distribution packages. It is a proven fact that images and videos garner more attention than simple written texts which means when multimedia is added with the press releases, the readability of the content increases along with its ability to catch the attention of its readers.

Improved SEO:

The success of a press release depends on how cleverly it was distributed. So when companies hire a professional to do so, the company’s SEO gets improved along with the increased amount of web traffic on the business website.

To conclude, press releases can work wonders if they are crafted and distributed in the right and effective manner.

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