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What are The Main Principles of UX


Oct 2, 2021
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UX is one of the most important aspects of any website or application. It stands for User Experience, and it can be described as a measure of how effective your software is in satisfying the needs and wants of your users. UX principles are guidelines that will help you create a great user experience, which means more conversions on your Columbus business site!

This blog post will discuss some fundamentals and common pitfalls to avoid when designing for UX.

Why is UX important?

There are several reasons why it’s essential to have website development company Columbus handle your site’s UX. First of all, usability and user experience set apart a good website from an average one. People don’t care about how beautiful your website looks if they can’t figure out how to use it.

Secondly, great UX will attract new users and retain existing ones by increasing the level of satisfaction with their current experience. In other words, you want people to come back!

Lastly, studies have shown that conversion rates are directly correlated with user satisfaction levels. In most cases, there is a direct correlation between these two metrics (not always). This means that things like social shares or higher time spent browsing the site also come as part of this package deal called “UX”.

The Principles of UX

1.Focus on the user

Put yourself into the shoes of a potential customer and think about whether or not they will understand what you’re offering after just glancing at it. If people can’t figure out how something works right away, chances are they won’t stick around very long – which isn’t good! You want people staying with your site as long as possible because it means they like your content enough to last longer than necessary, thus increasing time spent on the site and increasing advertisement revenue.

Make sure your content is written in a way that makes sense, mainly if you introduce new concepts to people who have never seen them before. If you’re using words or phrases that most readers won’t know what they mean, it’s likely going to be confusing and frustrating for them, so try not to do this!

2. Consistency

The principle of consistency means being consistent with your website throughout all pages on the site and other sites under the same brand name. Consistency will make users feel more comfortable with your site and also familiarize them with the layout.

Also, consistency translates to better SEO. Suppose you are consistent with your meta tags, page titles, headings and content on all pages of your site. In that case, it is more likely that Google will rank your website higher in search results than a competitor who does not have consistency throughout their entire site.

This means that if someone sees an article about “How to build widgets”, they should see the same thing when searching for “Widget building guide”, or else users might think that this new source has no credibility whatsoever.

Consistency also makes design easier because a website development company Columbus can work off what already exists instead of starting from scratch every time something needs to be changed on the website, saving both money and time!

3. Hierarchy

There’s a specific order and structure to design, including the hierarchy of information. This means that a web design agency Columbus has to prioritize what is more important on the page based on their knowledge of how users think or what they would expect from this website or product.

For example, suppose you were designing a store online. In that case, it might be best for the most popular items in your inventory to appear first, followed by other less-popular products below based upon popularity among visitors browsing through your site, which helps increase sales!

Overall, designers need to consider clarity as much as possible so that users can understand an idea quickly without getting confused because there are too many distractions, including content within articles and images, etc.,

4. Context is key

This isn’t just about your website or product’s environment, but also about where users are coming from and how they feel before their experience.

Context is everything to be considered when designing an interface because you need to understand what type of device people will be using, whether it’s a laptop at home or a mobile on the go.

5. Put the user in control

This principle is about giving the power back to your users so that they know how things work and can make decisions themselves.

As a user myself, it’s annoying when I want to do something but cannot because of restrictions such as having no access or being asked too many questions before getting started.

This is why thinking about ‘user experience’ has become more important over time; making sure experiences are enjoyable instead of frustrating for visitors leads them away from using products/services again. People don’t have much patience anymore!

6. Accessibility

This principle is about making sure that everyone can use the product or service. This might be obvious to think of, but accessibility isn’t just physical access either; it’s also about having equal access for people with disabilities and special needs too.

It goes without saying that more users equal a bigger market, and more money-so designing accessible products/services makes sense business-wise (human rights are essential!).

7. Usability testing

This last principle is about testing your design with users. You need to know if the product/service works as intended, so you should test it properly. This means putting yourself in the user’s shoes and asking them for their feedback, or observing how they use the product itself.


We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to improve your UX design. Contact us today if you have any questions, comments, or want help incorporating these principles into your website!

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