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What Is ROM Technologies?


Aug 18, 2022
ROM Technologies


ROM Technologies is a medical device-making company. Its devices help knee, and hip patients recover faster. The devices help improve the body’s mobility in the lower extremities—patients using their device recover 50% faster than the standard rehab methods.

The system saves money for patients, after-care service providers, and insurance companies. The company’s patented adjustable pedal device PortableConnect has gained wide acceptance among hip and knee patients and the medical community. 

The Company

ROM Technologies was founded in 2016 in Fairfield, US, by current CEO Peter Arn and co-founder Sanford Gomberg. They wanted to develop advanced rehabilitation solutions that utilize the latest communication technologies.

Their products have helped thousands of patients in need of post-op rehabilitation. These patients do not have to visit a rehabilitation clinic for their therapies or use special rehabilitation devices.

 The PortableConnect

The company makes an innovative rehabilitation product PortableConnect that allows patients to exercise the lower extremities. They can recover after knee surgery in the comfort of their home.

 Everyone involved in the rehabilitation plan can monitor the progress at any time. The system helps patients recover faster. It is not a simple at-home exercise machine but an advanced system with monitoring and display systems.

 A Range of Features

PortableConnect measures and records the patient’s progress. It monitors compliance with the recommended therapies. The data and reports it generates provide objective proof of progress.

Patients connect with clinicians through its telemedicine system. This made-in-the-USA device can be prescribed by doctors quickly and is covered by insurance. Patients are assured of lower care costs, faster recovery, and better outcomes. 

PortableConnect automatically adjusts its pedal radius based on the required ROM (range of motion). It is helpful for active, active-assisted, passive, and resistive modes of post-op rehab. Patients can undergo recommended therapy sessions every day at home without any need to visit a therapy clinic.

The device’s display shows the patient’s profile. The patient data can be accessed by the surgeon and therapist to track real-time progress. They can check the improvements the patient has made over a period of time. 

Pilot Study Reports

The device’s pilot studies show that 50% of patients using it had recovered by the second week while only 13% recovered by the second week when receiving standard therapies. More than 80% of users of this device reported mild or no pain by the second week.

The users reported reduced use of narcotics for pain relief. Most importantly, they saw faster recovery with an increased range of motion. Their swelling came down significantly.

The patients achieved 112 degrees of range of motion after the second week of the rehabilitation program. It was only 99 degrees with standard care for the same duration. 

A Combination of Hardware and Software

This device’s app makes it easy to use its digital features. The daily therapy session data can be checked by the clinicians for remote supervision. Patients can follow simple step-by-step visual instructions.

The latest telemedicine technology lets patients remain connected with clinicians. Surgeons have supported this revolutionary device that helps hip and knee patients gain motion faster. Early motion ensures a better outcome, which can be achieved using PortableConnect. 

This device is easy to use. Those facing difficulty can contact ROM Technologies and receive immediate help at its customer service number. ROMTech field clinician delivering the device informs the patient if the treatment plan is for 3 or 6 weeks. 

Patients are advised to complete each recommended session as much as possible. However, it is not mandatory to push harder than possible. Patients should push only as far as they feel they can handle the stress and pain. If the required sessions of the day cannot be completed, the company advises resting the leg and waiting for the next day’s session. 

The device’s AccuAngle is designed to monitor the range of motion. If it breaks or malfunctions, the patient should contact the company with the serial number on the back of AccuAngle.

ROMTech takes the responsibility of delivering and collecting the device. It is possible to keep the device longer by contacting customer service. A self-pay option is available if the insurance covers additional days. 

Telemedicine Rehabilitation Technology

ROM Technologies is focused on building the best rehabilitation system for patients who need post-operative care after hip or knee surgery. The company wants to make the latest telemedicine and rehabilitation technologies more affordable for these patients.

It has developed an advanced solution that delivers on its promises. PortableConnect connects clinicians to the patients remotely.

 This device integrates hardware and software seamlessly to help patients needing extra care and support. It streamlines the whole therapy experience for both the patient and clinicians.

Patients avoid the more expensive option of visiting a rehabilitation center or therapy clinic. This advanced technology allows even the average person to recover faster at affordable costs.

 Understanding the Knee Range of Motion

A healthy person has a full range of motion in the knee. This means the person is able to bend and straighten the leg without feeling any pain or difficulty.

The knee ROM allows a person to walk, run, support bodyweight, control balance, and absorb shocks from light impacts. When the movement is limited, it causes pain in the knee and impairs leg functions. The risks of knee injuries increase. This motion also covers some amount of rotation. 

The active knee ROM determines how much the knee can be straightened and bent without extra support. Passive knee ROM determines how far the knee can straighten and bend with the help of additional support.

Active assisted ROM determines how far the knee can move with some assistance when it is in pain or weak. This is the condition when a therapist helps the leg move. Individuals with a knee injury or a condition like arthritis lose full range of motion in the affected knee. The knee cannot be moved and turned normally. 


ROM Technologies partnered with top medical professionals to test the effectiveness of its device PortableConnect. It has developed the effective ROMTech Total Knee Program. This rehabilitation program has been tested for safety and feasibility.

The device is perfect for at-home rehabilitation after knee or hip surgery. It helps patients perform the recommended physical movements while connected to doctors who can remotely monitor their performance and progress. The equipment and care are available for US patients.

They can use this plan for safe, effective, and affordable hip and knee rehabilitation therapies.


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