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Why is Tile Flooring Accepted as Flooring For Bathrooms?


Jun 10, 2021
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While thinking of renovating the bathrooms, people essentially choose the tiles well. People use low maintenance and high-quality tiles. Bathrooms stand up a lot against water exposure. People in Hurstville choose slip-resistant flooring that looks good as well. There are various opinions on bathroom floors but making good choices are essential. Builders have used tiles in both commercial and residential properties for so many years. The non-vitreous tiles absorb so much water appropriate only for some accent places.

Common types of bathroom tile floorings

1. Porcelain tiles

People are choosing porcelain flooring in Hurstville since it is affordable and highly waterproof. It has such a rich texture. Both porcelain and ceramic are almost the same, with just one minor difference. The porcelain tiles have water absorption of 0.5% or less than the ceramic tiles. Further, the individual tiles come in various shapes, with the smaller mosaic ones loved by people.

2. Natural stones

These natural stones for flooring are expensive, but they are pretty good to use. Some options are granite, marble, limestone, etc., with more minor moisture problems. Radiant heating can be installed to get away with the coldness of these tiles. But the stone floors are very high priced.

3. Engineered wood

Engineered wood is always better than solid wood since it has better sustainability and flexibility. Likewise, to get a natural look to the bathrooms, this kind of wood is the best. It protects the floors well and is very stable.

4. Benefits of using tiles in bathrooms

Versatile design options

Flooring in Hurstville comes in various patterns, sizes, and textures to accommodate the styles of people. Besides, just pairing the tiles with the right colour create such a unique and appealing look.

5. Easy convenience of keeping clean

While tiles are resistant to water damage, they can be cleaned by using a wet mop. Use warm soapy water for regular cleaning of the tiles. A soft-bristled brush helps to clean the corners and hard-to-reach areas. Also, use bleach to disinfect the whole place.

6.  Durable

The tile flooring is very durable, protecting bathrooms from regular wear and tear. Secondly, the tiles don’t discolour with soaps and messes used in them. The stains are easy to remove with water and just a mop.

7. Increasing the resale value of homes

Tiles help to increase the resale value of homes. Further, having an attractive floor look with porcelain or natural wood is appreciated by people. And this comes at a fraction of a cost. The homeowners check the tiles and not the material too deeply.

8. Providing higher ROI

Porcelain and ceramic are very affordable than all other floor materials. Likewise, it also turns to be a better investment for the bathrooms. When using long-lasting materials, people save money on any future replacements.


Tiles are always a popular choice for bathrooms. Choose durable bathroom tiles lasting for years. The best part about tiles is that people get any pattern they need. The classic tale with a neutral appeal surely attracts visitors.

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