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All You Need to Know About the Google Page Experience Update


Jul 14, 2021
All You Need to Know About the Google Page


Google announced its page experience update set to release in 2021. Most Google updates make SEO services and a lot of online business owners worry as their traffic or engagement may drop, but thankfully Google announced this update well in advance giving marketing and SEO agencies a lot of time to plan for it. So, what is the Google page experience update? This update measures the overall experience that a user has when they interact with a web page. It measures the aspects of how customers look at the experience of interacting with brand websites and makes this experience more delightful for them across the internet as well as helps sites to evolve towards consumer expectations on mobile – this will lead users to grow more engaged, make the site more user-friendly, and transact with less friction.

Google measures the dimension of web usability like load time, interactivity, and stability of content, in websites where content is important and there are multiple pages, page experience becomes much more important for visibility in search and it will allow your content marketing efforts and eCommerce web design to obtain a higher ranking in search results.

Elements that contribute to the page experience

Core web vitals

Google developed the core web vitals because the average consumer enjoys fast and seamless web surfing. You can use the report provided to evaluate your website’s current performance according to these signals and improve on them.

Mobile-friendly site

Google already favors sites that are mobile optimized for their users as the number of smartphone users is increasing each year and it’s safe to say that sites that aren’t mobile-optimized will miss a lot of traffic. It makes sense that Google only wants their eCommerce web design search to display mobile-friendly sites.

Safe browsing

Search engines like Google put a lot of importance on security and removing out any potentially harmful sites from their search results. As if any of the sites harm users or their computers, it won’t look good for the search engine. One of these signals checks if the indexed site contains any deceptive or malicious content like malware, spyware, social engineering scams, and false information. To get an idea of how this works, you can take a look at Google’s security report and also scan your site to see if there are any third-party apps or issues which pop up at this time.


Google also prefers sites with a secure sockets layer certificate or an SSL which is secured in the website’s URL. The job of this certificate is to encrypt any data that goes between the customers and the brand while safeguarding both sides. Even if an attacker tried or a cyber-attack occurs it prevents the hacker from making any sense of the data, it will even warn you that the connection or site you are using is not secure as it is due to the site missing an SSL certificate.

No intrusive interstitials

Google also aims to punish sites that aggressively keep customers away from accessing the content they are looking for in the first place. Websites with a lot of annoying adverts, pop-ups, and marketing tactics that cover the entire screen are difficult to go through and can leave users frustrated while they are trying to read the content. However, if your website has cookie usage information, age-sensitive confirmations, reasonably sized banners, and disclaimers, they are safe and won’t affect your ranking.

Wrapping Up

Google’s page experience update will launch in 2021 and if you follow the above steps and ensure your site is great for customer experience you won’t have any issues with this new update. Keeping your website safe and secure not only allows you to reach high in search rankings but will help you stay ahead of your competitors as well. A professional and experienced web design agency can help you maintain your site easily and ensure a great customer experience is met.

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