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Can a Dusty laptop really Cause Major Damage? How do get it fixed?


Dec 4, 2021
laptop really Cause Major Damage


If you have a laptop that you’ve been using for a few years, there could be a lot of dust accumulated inside it. If you are wondering whether dust can really cause a major issue in the device and call up for laptop repair at home, then this blog will clear all your doubts.

Ways to Know that Your Laptop has Become Dusty

Before actually telling you whether or not a dusty laptop can cause major device damage, you should know about the ways to identify that laptop has got dirty from inside and outside. Look for the following signs to understand that your laptop needs cleaning.

  • Loud Sound of Fan
  • Visible Dirt on the Laptop
  • Overheated Laptop

The Consequences of a Dusty Laptop

When you leave your laptop dusty, you will face great problems. The air vents and fans will find it hard to do their job of cooling down your device. As a consequence, your laptop will suffer from overheating.

Being a machine, your laptop keeps generating heat even when it’s not being used. When dust and grime build up inside the device, it produces excessive heat and faces difficulty dissipating. The air vents and fan becomes non-functional due to too much dirt on them, which further leads to hardware damage. Once any of the hardware components get damaged, you will have to look for laptop repair in Delhi or your city.

How to Get Rid of Dust from Your Laptop

Whether or not your laptop has an openable design, you can always do some efforts to get rid of dust from your device. You can always clean it from the outside with a dry microfiber cloth. To clean them from inside, refer the following tips:

For Laptops with An Openable Back Panel

First of all, here are some tips to clean the laptops with an openable panel. All the people who have laptops that can be opened at the bottom, it’s a bit easier to clean dust from inside using a can of compressed air. All the dust can be removed by blowing compressed air from the inside of the back panel of the device. After dust removal, close the case.

For Laptops with a Closed Design

If your laptop has a closed design, you might need a laptop service professional to get rid of dust from the laptop. The laptop repair service providers are proficient in cleaning dusty laptops without causing other parts of the device.

The best advice from us is to always let laptop repair service providers near you clean your device as they avoid costly repair mistakes.

In the end, if you clean your laptop on a regular basis and maintain its internal components well, you’re almost guaranteed to extend its shelf life.

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