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Five Tips to Write a Short Story That’s Perfect


Aug 14, 2021


It has always been short literature. It wasn’t until recent years, however, that genres such as micro-story, which are based on social media, have seen a rise in popularity. Stories that are summarized in a few paragraphs can open up new avenues in literature that stimulate the imagination. In an aesthetic that inspires a sense of mystery and, above all else, makes an impact. These 5 tips will help you write a short story.

Please reduce

The short story, as its name implies, requires more goodness than the story. Genre proposals are becoming more popular over time, with stories that span multiple paragraphs. However, the purpose of the short story’s nature is to tell a story in as few words and as many words as possible. Shortening also involves deleting the sentences, https://paraphrasingtool.site/ and using short dialogues.

Associate a situation

A novel can be described as a story that extends an idea and adds it to other subplots. However, the story is created by a specific situation. The novel will tell the story of a boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut. It will also cover his journey to the Moon. The micro-story serves the same purpose as the story but uses fewer words. It is about toRefer to a situation that is less clear.

Use an ellipsis

Ellipsis refers to a rhetorical figure that deletes words from writing that are not intelligible. A valuable ally in condensing a deeper tale into just a few paragraphs. A short story is a story that uses excellence and keeps a sense of mystery. It also summarizes the story’s essence, getting to its climax. If two characters decide to go back in time and become distant until they realize their love for each other, then a “After too many tying and undressing the knot has grown stronger” story will suffice. This is an example.

Use words

It is possible that you are trying to write a story about anger but find it difficult to find the words that can summarize it. That is why, at least in my situation, I can get an idea, which inspires the rest. What emotion does the image inspire? What is its history? Sometimes, just one word can be enough to draw others to the writing. You might see words such as “light”, “darkness”, or “day” in the example. But, you can play with all of them, since short stories are always open to metaphors.

A great title

By Omar Lara, Curfew

I said to him, “Stay!”

And I touched him.

Sometimes, it takes us longer to find the right title for our micro-story than the actual writing. The title can often add value to a story or even go beyond its meaning. The wonderful “Curfew” is an example. Did you dare to buy us a microstory?

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