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Grand Hotels to Enjoy Your Vacations


May 5, 2022
Grand Hotels


If you are going to visit China with your family to enjoy your next holidays then you must have to book a decent and affordable hotel to stay in. you may find a lot of options of hotels in Beijing but you must have to look for all the requirements that you may want to stay there peacefully. Such as a proper bedroom with all the necessities, Wi-Fi is also one of the necessities that you must want to have in your hotel, restaurants to enjoy your meal in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a peaceful environment,

Other additional facilities such as a swimming pool or a gym will enhance the importance of the hotel. So it is suggested to research the best hotels in Beijing and then go for the one that has all the best facilities at affordable rates. Below we have discussed some grand hotels that you may like EireTrip .

1- Shanshui Trends Hotel

If you are looking for the best and most well-furnished hotel in Beijing then go for Shanshui Trends Hotel. It has so many facilities that you cannot imagine. It is offering different types of thematic rooms moreover bed according to your family and need. They are giving you the option of free cancellation for all types of bedrooms for a limited time but free breakfast is served only too few. Its other popular facilities include free Wi-Fi, restaurants, an airport, train, bus station pick up and drop. This is the best option to relax after a tiring day moreover it is a super clean place to stay. You can enjoy living in this hotel or any other of your choice at discounted prices by using the Klook discount code.

2- Jen Beijing by Shangri-La

Jen Beijing by Shangri-La has got five stars and is one of the best of best options that you can go for while selecting the best hotel option in Beijing. It has a lot of facilities including free wifi, a restaurant to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinners easily, a fitness center for all the fitness freaks it is the best feature, Airport, bus/train station pick up & drop off. Girls should not be worried about their sessions being missed at the salon as this hotel has a hair and beauty salon facility as well. It has elevators and it provides the wedding service as well. Moreover, it is also a very safe place to stay.

3- Lavande Hotel

Lavande Hotel also offers different bedrooms and offers the facility of restaurants and free Wi-Fi too. Its general facilities include housekeeping, an elevator, and central heating. Moreover, it is also a very safe place to stay as it offers a safety deposit box, fire extinguisher, fire alarms, CCTV in all public areas, and 24- hours security. It is the newest hotel in Beijing but the most convenient choice to stay in so far. Hanmeilin Art Museum also lies very near to this hotel. I hope you will get some help from the above-provided information.

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