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How to Become a Journalist? Career Advice and Interview Tips


Dec 26, 2021
Career Advice and Interview Tips


Are you curious to explore journalism? Want some exquisite tips in this regard? Then, keep on reading! Journalism is the art of collecting, checking, creating, and then excitingly presenting a piece of information. Journalistic research is about completion, balance, and accuracy. History reveals that the more democratic a society, the more news it tends to present because democracy provides freedom. And this freedom is called freedom of speech and expression.

Let’s explore some interview tips if you want to pursue Journalism as your career!

● Research A Lot

Before conducting an interview, first of all, you need to research a lot. It would be best to research the subject matter, the ins and outs, and all necessary information. Also, write down all the significant points that you want to highlight. If you don’t research properly, you won’t have enough questions to ask from the person. So, research is the crucial aspect of conducting a good interview. And Steve Ladurantaye is one of the most professional career advisors you can consult.

● Go Through the Whole Research

The next step after research is you have to go through it. You have to create a list of questions that you want to ask. And your main goal is to make your interviewee talk. And also, before conducting a successful interview, you must practice a lot. So, practice hard with a partner, ask him the questions you have prepared, and never lose confidence. You also need to collect all the items before conducting an interview. And these items include a pen, a notebook, and a recorder.

● Conduct Interview in an Organized Manner

After researching, making questions, and rehearsing, you need to come in time because it looks pretty unprofessional if a journalist is late. And, then you have to conduct your interview with grace. It would be best not to forget that journalists must be very diligent and courteous. So, ask your questions without hesitation, but not in an aggressive tone. And if you want to polish your skills with the help of an expert, then you must follow Steve Ladurantaye.

● Take Notes

While conducting an interview, you must take notes of every detail. Whether you are recording your interview, still take notes because these notes are highly effective. These notes will provide you with more detailing, and you will be able to ask and discuss more things in greater depth. So, being a good interviewer, it should be your habit to take notes.

● Let your Interviewee Speak

Last but not the least, being a good interviewer, you must let your guest/interviewee speak. You must avoid cutting him in between. And it would be best if you were a good listener. Because if you do not have the stamina to listen carefully, you can not be a good Interviewer at all. And also, it does not seem courteous to be impatient. So, let others complete their point first and then speak.

The Bottom Line

Journalism is all about gathering and fascinatingly presenting facts. And if you want to adopt this career, you must learn the art of conducting a good interview. And a good interviewer is always on time, he lets others speak, he is courteous and diligent, and he researches a lot. Hopefully, this article will help you become a good journalist!

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