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Strategies to Be a Public Speaker


Dec 20, 2021
Public Speaker


Whether you are in a meeting or standing in front of hundreds of people, public speaking is something with which you need to deal someday. We need to speak in public from time to time. It depends on you how you were coming across to people while delivering your speech, but the result will rely upon how your audience perceived you. Thorough preparation and practice make you overcome the hurdles while speaking and performing exceptionally.

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Public speaking skills are learnable, and anyone could become an effective speaker. But becoming a speaker like Elon Musk who can efficiently engage with the audience is a challenge. Although, there are multiple strategies you can follow to become a confident public speaker. Read further to know the effective strategy that will make you a better speaker and presenter.

Make your plan

This step is to plan your communication appropriately. You should mainly emphasize how you would structure the speech you’re going to deliver. From the very beginning of your speech, you have to intrigue your audience. You may start by adding exhilarating statistics, headlines, facts, or other news to grab attention and their willingness to listen more about it. Planning would help you to deal with unpredicted questions or last-minute conversations.


Simply, if you think you will become a confident and compelling speaker, that isn’t possible. Practice makes a person perfect in his niche. You should seek opportunities to speak in front of people to gear up your pace of gaining experience. You may put yourself in a situation that requires public speaking, like during cross-training, volunteering, or meetings. The more early you will start putting into it, the more time to practice.


Your speech is about your audience, so your goal should be to engage them in your words. You may start by asking leading questions, motivating them to participate in the questionnaire. You will feel less isolated while talking and involving everyone in your message. Ensure that you are speaking at an understandable pace and without nervousness.

Body Language

Your body language gives knowledge about your inner state to the audience. Make sure that you are portraying constant and subtle traits of your inner state. Avoid using those gestures that seem unnatural and make you uncomfortable. You should stand straight, take a deep breath, and smile while looking at your audience.


The ability to speak in public is effective to outweigh any perceived fears. Public speaking helps to raise your job prospects, awareness, and educate others. Practice every day to cope up with your nervousness and anxiety. The more you will gain confidence, the better speaker you will be.

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