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The Dos And Don’ts For An Eco-Friendly Event


Aug 17, 2021
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Are you planning to host an event for business marketing? Planning an eco-friendly event can show great results in your business. Then why not make your event eco-friendly? Remember, when you care for nature, people will definitely notice your efforts. From giveaways to venue, there are many ways to plan your business event in an eco-friendly way.

This will improve your brand reputation and positive image. You can also save money when you plan your event in an eco-friendly way. Plan for some popular giveaways to your guests. Pick some eco-friendly giveaways like reusable bags, glass water bottles, coffee mugs, lanyards etc. You can find some pocket-friendly and attractive promotional products at Custom Earth Promos. Check their products online and you will definitely get surprised. The below are some dos and don’t to plan an eco-friendly event.


Go Digital: Use a good business management software rather than the paper pamphlets and business cards. No doubt, this is definitely a climate friendly option. Use the online media kits, event apps and webinars. The main advantage of choosing online tools is that you can notify your guests about the last-minute changes, which is not possible when you use the pamphlets or any paper invitation. You can also ask the attendees to fill the online registration forms. You can also conduct feedback surveys as well.

Eco-friendly Event Venue: Venue plays a very important role when it comes to an eco-friendly business event. The reason for this is you will be using their catering, water etc. When choosing an eco-friendly event venue ask them how much they have invested in the green initiatives. Don’t forget to check whether the venue has access to public transportation or not.

Encourage Public Mode Of Transport: Encourage public mode of transport when it comes to your event. The reason for this is when people attend your event on their personal vehicles, the carbon footprint of the event will increase. You can rent some cars or buses for your attendees. Make sure that you inform the transportation location and timings to your attendees online. This helps them to reach your location on time.

Advertise Your Products In An Eco-friendly Way: Choose some eco-friendly products to turn your event eco-friendly and to make your event a big success.


Say ‘No’ To Plastic: Make sure that your event is plastic free. If you look at the statistics of plastic wastage that goes from the business events and parties every year, you will definitely be surprised. Use the bamboo spoons instead of using the plastic spoons. Choose the reusable bamboo or steel straws instead of plastic straws.

Don’t Waste Food: Never waste extra food at your event. Look for the alternative options to ensure that food don’t get wasted. You can donate this extra food to the orphanages or order the food in such a way that it is not wasted.

You need not have to visit your local stores for buying the eco-friendly giveaways to your guests, as we have plenty of sites online sites. You can also find more options when it comes to the online stores.

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