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Top Tips to Save More on Your Air Conditioners and Live Tension Free


Apr 28, 2021
Air Conditioners


The air conditioners in our houses consume the maximum energy of all other appliances. It is believed to be the most influencing factor behind high utility bills. However, with some modifications, the cost can be cut down.

Here are the top hacks to reduce AC energy consumption which ultimately can get reflected in your electricity bills.


The thermostat should be regulated to keep the AC working. We should not fidget with the AC’s thermostat. When cooling down a room economically, we should set the temperature at one comforting temperature and leave it alone. It is said that 24 degree Celsius is the best temperature that the system should be set to.

Avoid Sunlight

Indian summers and scorching heat have a detrimental effect on the AC machines. It is evident that if sunlight or any heat enters your room, the machine will start to make it cooler and consume more power. It is advised to have opaque curtains and drapes to limit the heating of the room.

Well-Insulated Indoors

Outdoor dust and pollutants can mess with the AC. It is viable to keep the rooms insulated so that the AC can quickly cool the air. The presence of any ventilation or cracks can cause the AC to consume massive units of energy.

Air Filters Check

The users should check the filter of AC and keep them clean. Blocked filters consume more energy, but half of it is wasted because maximum cool air gets trapped and cannot be released properly. Restricted airflow will make the AC strain to keep the room cool, thereby consuming more power. Therefore, it is advised to clean and change the AC filters every three months and remove all the dust and debris.

Check Humidity

Humidity is one of the significant factors for ACs consuming more power than usual. It is advisable to use a dehumidifier for places belonging to tropical regions. It can make the function of AC much easier, thereby leading to less energy consumption.

Ceiling Fans

Do not discard your ceiling fans; they are there to help the AC save more power. Ceiling fans help in better air circulation. This means the AC’s workload is reduced to a considerable extent. Thus, the thermostat levels can be set higher. Ceiling fans help the AC do its job efficiently.

Avoid placing other appliances close to AC

The thermostat is sensitive to heat. If the thermostat senses that the temperature around it is much higher than usual, it will keep the machine running till the whole space becomes cooler. Home appliances like microwave ovens, toasters, television sets, computers and lamps that produce heat while being used should not be kept near the AC.

Routine Maintenance

Just as our eyes need a routine check-up, all machines need routine servicing. AC is not an exception in this case. Be it any basic regular AC or an inverter air conditioner; it needs to be maintained by professionals once in a while. The AC maintenance technician knows best about the AC and what it needs. Regular maintenance ensures more efficiency leading to lower energy consumption and higher savings. The greatest approach to save money is to shop and compare plans with electricity providers like New Power depending on your home’s specific consumption profile.

Replace old AC system

An old AC system that is more than ten years old will evidently need more repairs and will require more energy. Moreover, they become less efficient with time. It is better to buy a new one as it comes with the latest technology and brilliant features like auto restart, eco function to optimize performance, self-diagnosis, etc. Many of the 1.5-ton inverter ACs have pure copper coils for faster heat transfer and resistance to corrosion. The modern-day systems have ergonomically designed backlit remote for ease of operation. Sanyo Inverter ACs are made with 100 % pure copper condensers which not only provide fast cooling but also ensure a long life for your AC.

Use only when needed

One of the basic rules to save electricity is to turn appliances off when not needed. This simple step should be followed by all. When not at home, or when in the shower, or when the natural weather is comforting, restrict yourself from wasting energy. A sustainable lifestyle is effortless and easy, and should be followed by all.

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