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Why You Should Install Stone Fireplace Surround in Your Home?


May 6, 2021
Why You Shroud Install Stone Fireplace Surround in Your Home?


A fireplace surround can add a romantic touch to any room. Nothing beats sitting in front of a warm fire on a cold night. How about curling up on your couch with a cup of hot cocoa and your favourite book as your fireplace burns quietly?

A fireplace can serve as the focal point of any space, and fireplace surrounds are becoming increasingly common. A fireplace surround will enhance the look and feel of any fireplace. A bookcase surround will provide much-needed storage while also adding prestige to your library. There is a fireplace surround to fit any decorating theme.

The visual appeal

stone fireplace surround is a beautiful addition to any home. The aesthetic appeal of the stone fireplace surround is appealing to most home buyers, contributing to the property’s value at the time of sale. The inability to hang pictures or other items on the stone surface is one drawback that many customers overlook when selecting a stone fireplace surround. This can make holiday decorating difficult and leave the space with just one visual environment for the period of home ownership.

Stone Adds Architectural Interest

Stone is a heavy material. Aside from literal weight, natural stone has much visual weight. A stone fireplace, as a result, serves as a focal point in any home. A stonework fireplace adds architectural elegance to your space. As a result, such a fireplace is perfect for rooms that don’t already have much architectural interest.

Available In a Variety of Colors

Many different stones are available from fireplace companies to use as the surround for your fireplace. As a result, you can easily choose stone colours that complement the rest of your décor. Furthermore, natural stone frequently has colour variation. As a result, you can add visual appeal with a fireplace surround that appears to deliver natural patterning with its colour striations.

Easy to Maintain

A stonework fireplace is built to last a lifetime. But you don’t need to do anything special to keep the surroundings looking good. Furthermore, cleaning the surroundings is easy. To avoid dust accumulation, wipe the surface down regularly. If you spill water on the wall, clean it up immediately to prevent the substance from penetrating the grout.

 Naturally Fire Resistant

Fireplaces can get very hot. One of the reasons stone is so popular for the surrounding is that it is naturally resistant to heat and fire. Since the substance is so thick, only direct fire burning on it has some effect — and even then, it only produces a dark smudge. Furthermore, even though the fire inside the firebox is roasting hot, the stone remains relatively cold.

Creates a Cozy Appeal

The initial material for fireplaces was stone. Stonemasons used to stack whole stones to create fireplaces. Modern surrounds are made of thin stone slices that form a veneer for the surround. Nonetheless, the stone fireplace surround recreates the warm-up scene of families gathered around the hearth.


Since masons no longer stack complete stones to build the fireplace, you have many design choices. Contractors, for example, may replicate the rustic appeal of ruggedly stacked stones or build a neat veneer with regularly cut stones. They can also use expensive materials like marble or granite.

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