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Allow Users with Physical Disabilities Access Your Business Site with The Accessibe WordPress Plugin


Feb 25, 2022
Accessibe WordPress


There are several different types of accessibility crucial for your site. Web accessibility refers to making the Internet a usable place for users. If you have a business site made on WordPress or create a website for your clients, you should keep accessibility at the top.

Accessibility is crucial for your business growth and its success.

If the layout of your site is complicated, users will not be able to navigate it seamlessly. The same holds true if your site content is hard for users to read because of color, design, orpoor font choices. Moreover, if your site is inaccessible, you will face litigation and legal penalties.

The Accessibe WordPress plugin helps you to resolve website accessibility problems without any change to the basic source code. It is a convenient solution to make your website completely accessible for a wide range of people who have physical disabilities. It includes-

1. Screen reader optimization for the visually impaired– Blind users rely on screen readers for navigating the Internet. Several websites do not have the proper alt text or ARIA text along with behavior cues to navigate the website successfully. This tool is infused with machine learning technology that analyses and interprets each element of the site. It later deploys ARIA attributes and makes adjustments to behavior to offer screen readers a full context of the website. Every aspect of the website gets the support it needs, like forms, pop-ups, drop-downs, and more.

2. Keyboard navigation for users with motor impairments– Users with motor impairments have a problem using a mouse, and they rely on the keyboard for navigating the Internet. The contextual artificial intelligence engine inside the tool makes the desired changes in the code to make the site accessible to such users. It can manage everything from pop-ups to drop-down menus.

3. Live dictionary for users with cognitive disorders– Some users find reading a web page difficult as they have problems understanding the content and phrases. An inbuilt dictionary helps them to overcome this problem. They can check the meaning of references, words, abbreviations, etc., with the help of this feature.

4. Prevent website flashing for stopping epileptic seizures – Users with epilepsy are photo-sensitive, and seizures get triggered by flashing GIFs and animations. People suffering from epileptic seizures can activate the feature to stop animations on the tool and prevent an episode.

5. Live adjustments for website design for the visually impaired- Color blind users have problems with accessing a site. The same holds true for users with other visual impairments and blurred vision to read. There is an interface for accessibility; users can deploy on the Accessibe WordPress tool to adjust the spacing of site text, color ratio, scaling, and more.

The business site is optimized for the elements mentioned above; however, at the same time, the tool will make your site compliant 24/7 round-the-clock. It will identify and fix new accessibility issues and perform compliance checks every month to ensure your site abides by all the rules and regulations of the land.

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